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A World of Tipping

Posted by gratrueities on October 20, 2008

Friends and I were having brunch today at Il Forneio in Burlingame, California (great restaurant, by the way with very good service).  We started talking about tipping, of course! One of my friends is European and he was commenting on how confusing the tipping thing was was when he first starting living here.  In Europe the standard approach is to add a service charge to the bill (like a San Diego restaurant called The Linkery is starting to do), so theoretcially an additional tip is optional.

(Note: my personal experience when traveling in Europe is that more and more restaurants/servers are expecting at least a small tip on top of the service charge).

So, I mentioned this post from Serge the Concierge . It’s a very good summary of tipping in countries from around the globe.

Do you have any other tipping experience from travels that you want to share? Let us know!!


One Response to “A World of Tipping”

  1. Thanks for the mention

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

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