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So…”what would YOU do?”

Posted by gratrueities on January 9, 2009

Recently,  I happened to catch the part of the ABC news/reality television program, What Would You Do? This show explores human nature and ethics by setting up situations that test people’s behavior when confronted with a moral dilemma…all the while filming them on hidden cameras.  (Basically, Candid Camera with a message.)

This episode ended with a “man-on the-street” question asking people what they would do if they received a bill in a restaurant from which an expensive bottle of wine had been left off. Surprisingly (to me, anyway!), most people said they would pay the bill as presented and say nothing – until asked what they would do if they knew that the waiter would have to pay for the mistake!  In that case, most said they would call it to someone’s attention.  Interesting…

So…if something was omitted from your restaurant bill…what would YOU do?


One Response to “So…”what would YOU do?””

  1. charity said

    my favorite bartender always ‘forgets’ or undercharges me for my rather avant garde drink choices, when i am coming in around 12am after getting out of my high-end hostessing gig on Strip. I’ve never mentioned it, but i ALWAYS tip the amount that i would have paid for the free or under-priced drinks. if my bill ends up $20, i tip $10. end of story.

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