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The Fifty Cent Differential

Posted by gratrueities on January 19, 2009

As I mentioned, there were four women on my recent trip to Las Vegas – and these are not women who have problems making decisions. We all have our own (strong?) opinions, which led to one small tipping dispute.

One morning we went for a walk and stopped for lunch at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel. We were seated outside and had a pleasant lunch, though our server seemed to be somewhat scattered. We overlooked this; our water, drinks, bread and meals eventually found their way to our table  and everything was delicious.

However, when we ordered coffees at the end of the meal, things became a little problematic. The two of us who ordered plain coffee found ours to be lukewarm at best…still not a big issue in and of itself. It was our server’s reaction to our (very polite, I promise!) mention of this fact that was notable…first she poured more cold coffee, then became visibly impatient when we mentioned it a second time and the third. By this time, and at $3.50 a cup, we were committed to heat! Third time was a charm and we did receive a fresh, hot cup of coffee – exactly one since no refills were offered.

When we received the check, two of us were inclined to leave  20% and call it good…no rounding up! The other two, who had received steaming cappuccinos at the end of the meal, were feeling more generous.  According to our calculations, this amounted to a whole $.50 differential in the tip!  Obviously, the $.50 debate was more of a matter of principle than money.

Defiantly (but in good humor!)  the two scrooges – of which I was one – decided to stick to our guns and send our $.50 hint. (Psssst …we really wanted hot coffee, without feeling like we were being unreasonable for asking!) The other two in the group were not so amused with our plotting. However, we did all manage to agree that this would have been the perfect situation for a GraTRUEity.


2 Responses to “The Fifty Cent Differential”

  1. Anony.Miss said

    Is there a graTruities card for cold coffee?

    I have had a drink in the same place, but up in the “Eiffel Tower”, where the bartender was not very service-minded and ignored us. I recall leaving a very small tip. Perhaps the management of that place needs to read this blog.

  2. gratrueities said

    That’s interesting that you had a similar experience in the same hotel but different restaurant. I would assume they were all under different management but who knows – most of the places we patronized were very service oriented. I would think they would be even more so in slower times.

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