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Obama: Tipper-in-Chief!

Posted by gratrueities on January 20, 2009


Hi There–

In the spirit of tomorrow’s ground-breaking inauguration we went searching for some connection between President-elect Obama and tipping. And, low and behold, we found this little item from the campaign trail. Seems like our president-to-be knows how to tip with the best of ’em:

And, for all of you heading off to Washington DC for tomorrow’s festivities, here are a couple of links to tipping advice for that fair city. It is bound to be an excitement-packed experience but don’t forget most, if not, all of the hospitality providers you encounter are dependent on your tips. So, let’s do this thing with spirit and generosity. Remember what we believe here at GraTRUEities: tip early and tip often! Your service is dependent on it.


Here are the links:


One Response to “Obama: Tipper-in-Chief!”

  1. Anony.Miss said

    I am not surprised. I think with Obama’s family background and understanding of the working person, he would understand the importance of tipping to those who work in the service industry. He seems like a caring person will try to protect the working class of our country.

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