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Tiger Tipping Troubles

Posted by gratrueities on February 4, 2009



All kinds of comments flew around the blogoshere earlier this week when the New York Post Page Six posted an item describing the skimpy tipping habits of elite golfer Tiger Woods. Evidently the very successful golfer (he’s won 14 major championships) was observed throughout a visit to Las Vegas, visiting various eating establishments and interacting with service providers, but never leaving a tip.

The whole issue was widely reported on Sporting News, Fox Sports News and other sites. All of the sports writers were basically appalled that Tiger could  earn$82 million on the course and hundred’s of millions more off the course, and still  go through life without tipping.

I must say, I agree with these sports writers. I really think it is near the height of rudeness to not leave a tip for services rendered.

It’s interesting to think about what causes Tiger not to tip? Is it that he thinks someone is going to follow him around and tip for him? Maybe he doesn’t even carry cash? Or, is it that it doesn’t occur to him to tip?

Tiger is not only a great golfer, he’s also a Stanford University graduate and a very smart businessman. He obviously knows the common courtesy and social expectations behind tipping. So, we can only assume that he is fully aware that he is not tipping and, therefore, he doesn’t want to tip?



10 Responses to “Tiger Tipping Troubles”

  1. norcalgolfer said

    As an avid golfer and someone who prides themselves on tipping well, this is disappointing to hear. I hope they get to the bottom of the story and that there is some explanation. I can’t imagine an reason that would justify him not tipping, so am hoping something redeeming will come out – such as he is a very generous “behind the scenes” tipper.

  2. gratrueities said

    Hi Norcal: I agree; it is hard to fathom why he would not tip, and tip well. I hope you’re right…maybe there is another explanation that we aren’t aware of. Or, maybe this is just the way the Tiger is striped (so to speak!!)

  3. Norcalgolfer said

    I read the link in your post and it seems that Tiger is not so generous. Too bad…

  4. birdman said

    People should tip only if they want to do so. Unfortunately we live in a society that the only way we expect to see appreciation, 0r seem to know how to show it is with money. There are other ways of showing that you are satisfied with a restaurant’s service. E.g. informing the manager that the service was excellent or recommending the restaurant to family and friends. When I go to a restaurant I expect good service because I am paying and good service should not depend on the possibility of me leaving a tip. Moreover there are people who work for much less than restaurant workers and they should not have to pay a tip when going to a restaurant.

  5. gratrueities said

    Hi Birdman–You have an interesting point; although you may be fighting an uphill battle. For better or for worse, tipping for services rendered is an accepted, and almost expected, practice here in the US. That’s not necessarily the case in other countries around the globe, but here it is. And, even more so when it is a well-known celebrity with millions of dollars in income, like Tiger Woods!

  6. norcalgolfer said

    I was hoping to find a reason Tiger Woods doesn’t tip and the one thing I found said it’s because he doesn’t carry cash. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because he must pay for his meals somehow – credit card, something. Unless he just get’s billed for everything, which I doubt.

  7. gratrueities said

    Yes, Norcal, the “I don’t carry cash” excuse does seem a little weak! Unfortunately, we’ve heard this same excuse from other uber-wealthies.

  8. waitress said

    I work at restaurant in San Diego and have waited on Mr. Woods. I was pissed when he left me a %15 tip. It should be police to include a service charge to pay the people who wait on you hand and foot. period.

  9. gratrueities said

    Hi Waitress, you definitely are not alone with that opinion, many service professionals agree. However, some would say that in these recessionary times, 15% is the new 20%.

  10. Anony.Miss said

    I agree with the GraTRUEities comment- especially since 15% was always the standard, and the prices have gone up so much.

    The “no cash” excuse? If you are charging the meal, etc, you can charge the tip. He can be billed for the tip later as well, if he does it that way.

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