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More — Celebrity Tipping

Posted by gratrueities on February 7, 2009

One of our regular GraTRUEities readers just sent the following link to a list of good and not-so-good celebrity tippers. We definitely cannot vouch for the reliability of this list. And, we don’t know how up-to-date it is…but we think it is worth sharing.

There seem to be a lot of professional football players on both sides of the list. And, note that the entire Los Angeles Lakers NBA team made the good-tipper list. They dine as a unit?

It’s good to see that one of our favorites, Tom Brokaw is a good tipper. But very disappointing to see Al Gore on the bad tipper side of the aisle. Maybe he is trying not to litter?

And, in the “I’m not surprised” category, Whitney Houston is a bad tipper….

On the other hand, tell me it isn’t so Jimmy Buffett and Don Henley?

Share your insights/thoughts on celebrity tipping…

Should celebrities get away with tipping less than regular folk?

Should they tip more?

Do you have a celebrity tipping story to share?

Curious minds want to know more!!

Submitted by a reader, the website Glamorati also has a list of notoriously bad celebrity tippers…for curious minds!


5 Responses to “More — Celebrity Tipping”

  1. Norcalgolfer said

    I would expect celebrities to tip more. Maybe they think their mere presence is tip enough. I need to go back and check the list again but some of the people on the not-so-good list disappoint me as much, if not more, than Tiger.

  2. Chef extraordinaire said

    Here’s another site that lists good and bad celebrity tippers. Some overlap, but there are some differences:

    Rachel Ray? Diddy? Michael Moore? Can it be?

  3. gratrueities said

    Michael Moore! That is really disappointing! One would expect a do-gooder to do better in the tipping department.

  4. Anony.Miss said

    They are asking for it, if it is consistent. One bad tip, and there may have been a reason or an error. Consistently poor tipping is hard to excuse for those with an extravagant lifestyle, and persons who would be remembered.

  5. Ed said

    At the airport in Nashville, Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are the best. Very generous. They are as nice in person as they seem. Taylor Swift and her band are great. Ronnie Dunne is great. Billy Ray Cyrus equals cheap. Clint Black is great. Jonas Brothers dad is great. Taylor Lautner is terrible. He needs a clue.

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