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Coffeehouse Squatters

Posted by gratrueities on October 16, 2009

Just noticed this post in the Chow “Dear Helena” column. Personally, I’m not a coffeehouse squatter. I prefer writing from home or from our very nice brand new public library (sidenote:  many comments related to this post mention dreary public libraries).

But…I can understand why one would want to sit all day and write in a coffeehouse. They are warm, comfortable and they usually have the very best aromas.

At our local Peet’s there always seems to be one gentleman (using the term loosely) who not only writes at the coffeehouse, he seems to actually inhabit a corner. His table is generally covered with paraphernalia that goes beyond items related to computers and/or writing. Many, many plastic bags are typically involved.

The dilemma is: how much product (coffee, sweets, etc) do you need to buy to justify your table? One coffee every hour? One coffee per day?

And, related to this, how do you tip for the pleasure of using a table for an extended period of time, or do you not tip at all? After all, it does mean an extra trip to the Tip Jar on the counter.


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