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Tiger (Non-Tipping) Troubles

Posted by gratrueities on December 3, 2009

As most know, Tiger Woods is back in the news for “transgressions” greater than for just being a poor tipper, a quality we’ve discussed here before. In the Yahoo feature article, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren,  the fact that Tiger is a Lousy Tipper came in at #6 between #5 He Has a $20 Million Yacht Called “Privacy” and #7 He Always Wears Red on Sundays.  Draw from that what you will…it does provide a few glimpses into the personality of Tiger and exposes his life in ways he clearly wished to avoid.

Public reaction to this story has been all over the map but of particular interest to us, at GraTRUEities, are comments such as: I’m actually more bothered by the fact that he doesn’t tip. I mean, what kind of billionaire stiffs waitresses? How pathetic and rude.

It seems that one’s judgement of Tiger and his misdeeds all comes down to a matter of perspective.


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