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GraTRUEities In Use: Ducky’s Tip Jar

Posted by gratrueities on December 6, 2009


       There is a great car wash in Burlingame, CA., called “Ducky’s“. They do a super job and have  a nice shopping experience to keep customers occupied while waiting.


Here’s a picture of the Ducky’s Tip Jar with a GraTRUEities dropped inside. “Life is like a box of chocolates…”


2 Responses to “GraTRUEities In Use: Ducky’s Tip Jar”

  1. gratrueities said

    Is this where you bought the IQ test book? Having fun options to pass the time while waiting is important! I have to say, though, those tests were really, really challenging! Maybe Sudoku next time? : )

  2. gratrueities said

    Yes! The IQ test book is from Ducky’s well-supplied little store.

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