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“Latest Generation” Waiter

Posted by gratrueities on April 6, 2010

I like you! (“You Got Me” by Colbie Caillat)

It was bound to happen one day…introducing robo-waiters that serve not only food, but also cutting edge entertainment.

Hajime, a Japanese restaurant recently opened (to the tune of 30 million baht or $927,600!) in Thailand, brings high-tech dining to a whole new level. Customers order on touchscreens and are then served by imported Japanese “motorised servants” that (oops – almost wrote “who” here!) deliver meals along with some intriguing (and, dare we say, electric “techno”) dance moves!

Striking, that reference in the article to “motorised servants” – not exactly an interchangeable term for waiter…or certainly not an acceptable one. Perhaps more of a cultural reference – note the spelling?

And speaking of being politically correct, would one leave a tip in this case?

(Potential) GraTRUEity #54 – Time to reboot?


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Oscar Tie-In: Steve Martin’s Tipping Philosophy

Posted by gratrueities on March 9, 2010

Well, did ya enjoy the Oscar’s last night?  Personally, here at GraTRUEities, we were well-entertained for pretty much the entire show (sans that goofy dance routine in the middle; what was that?). It’s always fun to see all of Hollywood out and about in their finest, paying each other all kinds of compliments.

But, what we really enjoyed were co-hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. Who, unfortunately, were just not given enough screen time.

It reminded us that Steve Martin in “My Blue Heaven” had one of the best ever lines about tipping when he said: “It’s not so much tipping that I believe in…but over tipping.”

And, with that, we eagerly await another year of movies capped off by an even better 2011 Awards show.

*One additional note: Though we were unable to find any specifics regarding either hosts real-life tipping habits, we suspect both are generous….and we did learn that Alec Baldwin once waited tables at Studio 54.

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Thank-you World Pantry!

Posted by gratrueities on November 17, 2009


Here’s a shout-out to David, Darren and all the staff at World Pantry for hosting our fabulous new GraTRUEities online store. The store just opened yesterday and we are thrilled to see the different ways World Pantry is offering GraTRUEities.

You can purchase the single decks, or, for major gift-giving situations you can order packs of six decks at a nice discount. And, for those who want a bit of variety, there is a sample pack of all three GraTRUEities decks, again offered at a discount.

And, while you’re at World Pantry shop around for some of their other fun and delicious specialty food brands. My personal favorite is the  Prairie Thyme Raspberry Jalapeno Ambrosia–love it on grilled salmon.  It’s easy to find something for everyone at World Pantry.

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