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Holiday Tipping

There are multiple opinions regarding who and how much to tip for the holidays! For that reason, we have listed links to several sites that provide guidelines for holiday tipping.

Some people have a long list of those to thank for providing services throughout the year, while others live less complex lives. The links that follow cover most, if not all, situations!

Tipping in the current economy – from Candice Choi, Associated Press Personal Finance writer

‘Real Simple’…or not…a complete list for most of us!

Emily Post – always a go-to resource in matters of etiquette. Holiday Tipping updated for 2009

‘The Basics’ on the Fine Art of Holiday Tipping – from Liz Pulliam Weston for MSN Money

Holiday Tipping Can be Tricky – Current Guidelines, November 2009 – San Francisco Examiner

Handy, updated advice from – guidelines for both gift and cash holiday tipping

Tipometer at – timeless rights and wrongs of holiday tipping from a trusted source


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