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Share Your Stories

This is a place where you can share your tipping stories with all of us. Just use the comment box below to submit a story about your recent tipping experience, good or bad!


2 Responses to “Share Your Stories”

  1. Janeth said

    I was really annoyed recently while staying at a motel in Corte Madera. They have a popular restaurant next door that serves as their “room service”, delivering the morning Continental breakfast everyone receives as well as meals ordered off their menu. I did not notice the 18% automatic gratuity (which I should have assumed since it was really room service) and I added ANOTHER tip, probably close to 18% on top of the other total. I was annoyed the waiter didn’t tell me about this when I was paying him, but then, why would he complain about such a huge tip? Perhaps mailing him a GraTrueities card would have made me feel better and made him feel a little guilty about his lack of total honesty.

  2. gratrueities said

    Hi Janeth–Thanks for sharing this tipping story as it brings up a common problem that, as you experienced, can be very fustrating. My feeling is that the waiter should have thanked-you kindly but informed you that there was a tip already included with the check. You then could have chosen to leave him a little extra on top, rather than feeling ripped off later when you realized you had doubled-tipped.
    We are working hard on getting the GraTRUEities cards ready for primetime! We will let you know as soon as they are available.

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