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Our First GraTRUEities Recipient!

Posted by gratrueities on October 15, 2008


Hi! Meet Nicolas Trujillo, our first GraTRUEities tip card recipient. Nancy and I had dinner in July at Capellini’s, a very nice Italian restaurant in San Mateo. In fact, at dinner we were relaxing after our first day of doing research at the SF Gift Show, and celebrating the completion of our first prototype. We decided it would be fun to try out an actual prototype GraTRUEities tip card for the very first time. 
Nicolas was an excellent waiter-he was attentive and gave us just enough information and “space” to enjoy our meal. And, the food was excellent. All-in-all it was a very pleasurable meal so we left a generous monetary gratuity. Then, we looked through our tip deck and we choose this GraTRUEity for Nicolas: “The best service we’ve seen since Wimbledon”. It’s a fun way to compliment a deserving waiter.
We tucked the GraTRUEity right on top of the credit card reciept so it was easy to see, then we left the table and waited inconspicuously near the entrance. We wanted to see the response. (Actually we were laughing pretty hard, some nervous and some just because it was funny).
Well, Nicolas picked up the check and then he found the GraTRUEity. He discreetly went to the waiter’s station and then put on his glasses and read the tip. He started looking around with a big smile on his face. He loved it! He began walking around showing it to the other waiters. We came out from “hiding” and introduced ourselves. He kept saying, “Is it real?”, “Is it real?”. We explained that it was a new product we were testing. 
We were so relieved that he loved receiving the compliment that GraTRUEities delivered. And, it was a fun experience for everyone. 
Thanks again Nicolas, for a great dining experience and being our first GraTRUEity recipient!


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