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Tiger (Non-Tipping) Troubles

Posted by gratrueities on December 3, 2009

As most know, Tiger Woods is back in the news for “transgressions” greater than for just being a poor tipper, a quality we’ve discussed here before. In the Yahoo feature article, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren,  the fact that Tiger is a Lousy Tipper came in at #6 between #5 He Has a $20 Million Yacht Called “Privacy” and #7 He Always Wears Red on Sundays.  Draw from that what you will…it does provide a few glimpses into the personality of Tiger and exposes his life in ways he clearly wished to avoid.

Public reaction to this story has been all over the map but of particular interest to us, at GraTRUEities, are comments such as: I’m actually more bothered by the fact that he doesn’t tip. I mean, what kind of billionaire stiffs waitresses? How pathetic and rude.

It seems that one’s judgement of Tiger and his misdeeds all comes down to a matter of perspective.


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Dueling Celebrity Tippers at Nellos

Posted by gratrueities on November 24, 2009

Regular GraTRUEities readers know that we occasionally  comment on tipping habits of the rich and famous…just because…. And, with the holiday season just about here (we consider the Friday after Thanksgiving the official start) we can expect to hear plenty of reports about the good, the bad and the ugly celebrity tippers.

Well, these famous folk sit squarely in the first category–the good  tippers. And the servers at chi chi Manhattan Italian restaurant, Nellos, were the happy benefactors.

Evidently, as reported in the NY Daily News, earlier in November the power couple of  hip hop, Jay-Z and Byonce,  enjoyed luncheon a deux at the eatery. At the end of what had to have been an amazing lunch, the total tab was  reportedly $1200.00. The tip: $500.00.

A few days later, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich decided to up the ante, significantly. Abramovich also had lunch at Nello’s but his bill totaled $47,221.09.  The tip:  reportedly $7,328.00. Checkmate. You win.

No word yet on how the servers at Nello’s split up those bonanza-sized tips!

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Do You Believe in “Tip Coordination?”

Posted by gratrueities on November 6, 2009

You can even order a t-shirt that poses this very question! In the first ‘Seinfeld reunion‘ episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiam,’ Larry David shares with Jason Alexander his feelings on the subject. What is “tip coordination” you may ask?  Basically, it is an agreement, when splitting a restaurant bill, that all will tip the same amount or percentage – price fixing, if you wish!  Here is an interesting commentary on the psychology of tipping and the subject of “tip coordination” from the blog

“Economists have often wondered why people tip.  We have lots of sophisticated explanations for why rational (i.e. selfish)    people pretend to be altruistic.  A leading explanation, the reputation model, relies on some repeated game concern but how would that apply in a one shot waiter game?  The puzzle is, of course, easily resolved if one allows homo economicus to have a heart. Warm, mushy feelings for waiters can easily explain tipping, even if you both know your relationship is the restaurant equivalent of the one night stand.

As our well-educated and well-read readers know, the heart is a complicated thing and often responds to incentives in odd ways.  Larry David is the dark Jane Austen of our cynical time and his (second!) magnum opus, Curb Your Enthusiasm, is the warped Sense and Sensibility.  I enjoyed the Seinfeld non-Reunion episode.  There were so many treasures in one half hour but the business lunch between Larry and Jason Alexander was my favorite bit. Larry and Alexander go dutch and Larry suggests they coordinate the tip.  He wishes to avoid the embarrassment of under-tipping.  It is just obvious to Larry that other people’s opinion matters so he must tip.  Note it is not morality but image and hence self-image that guide Larry.  He certainly does not want to tip low when his Dutch partner tips high.  But if your partner tips low, there is still an incentive to tip high, because it is quite natural that you want your image to be better than your partner’s.  In other words, there is a dominant strategy to tip high…a Prisoner’s Dilemma of tipping. Once we open up the heart of homo economicus, not only is there an incentive to tip, but toovertip.  No wonder Larry wants to collude and coordinate tips.”

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Worth the “wait?”

Posted by gratrueities on October 9, 2009

Hollywood celebrity, a Beverly Hills hotspot, dining and dashing and Twitter – all the makings of a good drama!

And, though a month late, a $3 tip (which was actually in excess of 20%) that finally arrived!

Was it worth waiting for?  Jon-Barrett Ingels, who lost his job as a waiter at Barney Greengrass after tweeting and blogging about an incident with Jane Adams of the hit TV series Hung, may not think so.  Although, who knows, the ensuing publicity just may provide the aspiring actor/writer with an unanticipated career boost!

Not to get “hung” up on the irrelevant, but it seems that many stars seem to frequent Barney Greengrass Beverly Hills.

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More — Celebrity Tipping

Posted by gratrueities on February 7, 2009

One of our regular GraTRUEities readers just sent the following link to a list of good and not-so-good celebrity tippers. We definitely cannot vouch for the reliability of this list. And, we don’t know how up-to-date it is…but we think it is worth sharing.

There seem to be a lot of professional football players on both sides of the list. And, note that the entire Los Angeles Lakers NBA team made the good-tipper list. They dine as a unit?

It’s good to see that one of our favorites, Tom Brokaw is a good tipper. But very disappointing to see Al Gore on the bad tipper side of the aisle. Maybe he is trying not to litter?

And, in the “I’m not surprised” category, Whitney Houston is a bad tipper….

On the other hand, tell me it isn’t so Jimmy Buffett and Don Henley?

Share your insights/thoughts on celebrity tipping…

Should celebrities get away with tipping less than regular folk?

Should they tip more?

Do you have a celebrity tipping story to share?

Curious minds want to know more!!

Submitted by a reader, the website Glamorati also has a list of notoriously bad celebrity tippers…for curious minds!

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