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Cheesecake Factory Redux

Posted by gratrueities on December 9, 2008

Revisting the recent  Cheesecake Factory post…my husband made his second visit in two week on our trek back from Southern California…leading me to believe he may be the real fan, rather than my father-in-law! This time he dined just north of San Francisco, while I did a bit of Christmas shopping at The Village at Corte Madera. My husband’s only comment on the meal was that the service was even slower this time than last – hard to imagine! As usual, his tip was as generous as the portions – but not reflective of the experience…and if there is a next time he’ll have that GraTRUEity handy!


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Rough take-off, smooth landing…

Posted by gratrueities on December 9, 2008

…this is the best way to describe the service we had the other night at the Rancho Mirage Cheesecake Factory. (Not to get into a huge discussion about this restaurant chain…but let’s just say Julie is not a fan for a number of reasons, one of which is the massive portions.  Conversely, that is a big reason my father-in-law, who we were visiting, is a fan. That, and the fact that there is certainly something for everyone on the menu – which is the size and format of a novella!)

Service is clearly emphasized at the Cheesecake Factory. It’s very formulaic – the welcome is as predictable as the menu, decor and food – and a point of pride.  Therefore, were surprised to find that we were basically forgotten by our server after being greeted and ordering our drinks.  Well…correction  – the iced tea was served promptly, after which out server went MIA along with our water, wine and bread!  After flagging down two other servers to track down our  beverages and missing waiter,  he finally returned to take our orders. (I believe my husband asked him if he had gone to Napa for the wine. This was met with a chuckle so  am not sure he really “got it.”)

We placed our orders  and things were looking up…or so we thought.  My father-in-law – who was very hungry after spending n arduous day in the hospital with my mother-in-law (another whole story!) – ordered soup as a starter.  Once again, the waiter mysteriously disappeared.  At that point, I pulled out a few sample GraTRUEities cards that I had tucked in my wallet and we entertained ourselves picking out the one that best suited the situation.

At that point our cheerful and slightly clueless server reappeared at our table…and it was as if he had somehow been privy to our GraTRUEities plotting.  From that point forward, he was attentive and  ever-present – inexplicably a different person. Our original GraTRUEity was, in fact, no longer applicable – and our plan was foiled (along with our leftovers)!  We did, however, come up with a different take on our experience…rough take-off, smooth landing and  good news for all!

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