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Fine Dining–Git ‘Er Done

Posted by gratrueities on January 7, 2009

There is one phrase that has been used and abused by waiters across the nation this past year and that’s….drum roll, please…”done working on that”? This very, very tired, exhausted really, phrase gets my pet peeve of the year award for 2008.

Everytime I hear it I think of Larry the Cable guy…yeah…you know the one I’m talking about. Actually, I was first introduced to Larry by my then 15-year old nephew and he (Larry) is pretty funny. But, generally not in a restaurant at the end of an enjoyable meal.

How many times have you been eating out and,  at some point, hopefully  near the end of  your meal,  your waiter approaches and asks, “done working on that?”

First of all, if I’m sitting there with a clean plate, yes, I’m done.

Or, if my silverware is placed to one side of my plate, yes, I’m done.

If my napkin is rolled up in a ball and sitting in the middle of my plate, yes, I’m done. (Just kidding, I don’t do that.)

And, since when is eating out “work”. Did I go to a job? Am I done with my shift? Hopefully a meal out is not “work” but pleasure???

Could the waiter approach and say, “Did you enjoy your meal?”   Or, “may I show you the dessert menu?”

Really there are many, many transition phrases that are better than the “done workin’ on that”.

Well, guess I better get going.

Time to go to work…I mean…dinner.

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Posted by gratrueities on November 11, 2008

Is it possible to be over-served?

I have a friend who uses this phase to refer to having had too much to drink – just a clever way to shift responsibility…or so I’ve always thought.

Lately I’ve begun to think about this term in a different context.  I’ve begun to wonder if we don’t all, at times, experience service overload. We alluded to this dilemma in a previous post Captain Tip vs. Waiter Tip, but it’s not exclusive to restaurants.

My husband and I spent last weekend in San Francisco. We arrived to check into our hotel, the Villa Florence, and were promptly greeted by the parking valet, the doorman and the bell captain. All this service was very nice, if somewhat overwhelming. (My husband looked at me and asked if we REALLY needed help with our bags? We didn’t, but it somehow felt rude – and let’s face it cheap – to refuse the service.)

Before we got to our room, we had tipped three or four different people. All were professional, pleasant, helpful and deserved a nice tip. And we were out of cash! Well…not really, but you get the drift…  At one point we needed fresh towels and had to check our wallets before making the call to housekeeping! This is such an issue that many resorts now charge a daily service charge to cover all on site gratuities. While this is controversial, it’s ultimately more convenient for the guests, and possibly less expensive.  In fact, I wonder if it really is of benefit to the employees.

I have another friend who avoids a particular car wash that has attendants at both the entry and exit – she feels she can’t go through without tipping on both ends! I tip only at the entry where they collect the money. We deliberated over this so often that I once asked an employee about their tipping policy – he reassured me they all share. Still, this whole question may be an obstacle for many people – and is it good for business?

Similarly, when you get you get your hair done do you tip each person performing a service (wash, cut, color, style) separately? Isn’t is simpler on the rare occasion when one person does it all?

With so many people providing a variety of services in so many capacities, that it can be difficult to keep up – and these are just a few examples!

Have you ever felt over-served?

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