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Fine Dining–Git ‘Er Done

Posted by gratrueities on January 7, 2009

There is one phrase that has been used and abused by waiters across the nation this past year and that’s….drum roll, please…”done working on that”? This very, very tired, exhausted really, phrase gets my pet peeve of the year award for 2008.

Everytime I hear it I think of Larry the Cable guy…yeah…you know the one I’m talking about. Actually, I was first introduced to Larry by my then 15-year old nephew and he (Larry) is pretty funny. But, generally not in a restaurant at the end of an enjoyable meal.

How many times have you been eating out and,  at some point, hopefully  near the end of  your meal,  your waiter approaches and asks, “done working on that?”

First of all, if I’m sitting there with a clean plate, yes, I’m done.

Or, if my silverware is placed to one side of my plate, yes, I’m done.

If my napkin is rolled up in a ball and sitting in the middle of my plate, yes, I’m done. (Just kidding, I don’t do that.)

And, since when is eating out “work”. Did I go to a job? Am I done with my shift? Hopefully a meal out is not “work” but pleasure???

Could the waiter approach and say, “Did you enjoy your meal?”   Or, “may I show you the dessert menu?”

Really there are many, many transition phrases that are better than the “done workin’ on that”.

Well, guess I better get going.

Time to go to work…I mean…dinner.

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Service with a smile!

Posted by gratrueities on October 29, 2008

My husband and I spend quite a bit of time in Portland OR – a city noted for having the one of the highest number of restaurants per capita in the US. We seem to spend quite a bit of time frequenting those restaurants!

Last weekend we decided to go out for breakfast after working out at our gym located in The Pearl. (My favorite trainer, Seth, says it’s very important to eat within and hour of your workout – one rule I like to follow!)

After a short “debate” we ended up at a restaurant called the Daily Cafe, conveniently located a block from the gym. My husband’s objection that they didn’t have a enough options (translation – the options were too healthy) was dropped after he saw that they were serving brunch – with several selections including bacon and offering an appetizer and entree for only 13.95.

The restaurant was packed – this brunch was clearly no secret! We navigated through the line to get in and we put our names on a waiting list. I noted that the extremely busy hostess was greeting everybody with a smile while juggling a myriad of other duties.

I decided to order coffee while I waited. Again, I couldn’t overlook how cheerful – smiling – the person was who helped me. I was starting to feel a vibe.

Once seated, an equally friendly (dare I say smiling?) and attentive waitress took our order. At this point I had to comment on how happy everyone seemed! And the mood seemed to be infectious. The customers all appeared to be not only content but also in high spirits.

We enjoyed our meal (which was delicious) and, of equal importance, felt uplifted by our experience.  When we received the check, we made sure to show our appreciation…and we left smiling!

Gratuity – 25%, GraTRUEiuty – A smile is worth a thousand words!

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